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Amazon Cash Voucher of INR 500

  • Listing ID: 137
  • Item #: 65349749
  • Retail Price : 500.00

Amazon Cash Voucher of INR 500
  Winning Bid : 0.02   Total Savings: 97.00%    Total Credits Used : 4

Product Description : This is an Amazon Cash Voucher (Gift Vard) which can be used to purchase any item on Amazon India website. 

Product Type : Gift Voucher 

Value : INR 500 

Shipment Type : Online via Email 

Validity : The voucher shall be valid for 365 days

Shipment Cost : INR 15

Safety Precautions : This Voucher shall be delivered online via Email, hence we request you to update the email id an ensure that it is correct at all times. Once delivered through email, will not have any liability over the safe custody of the Voucher. The responsibility of preserving the voucher safely shall be the sole responsibility of the winning customer. 

Safety Tip: Please ensure that you add this Voucher to your Amazon India account as soon as you can to ensure misuse of this Voucher. Who ever will possess it will be able to use / redeem this voucher, hence safety of this voucher is extreamly important. All terms and conditions mentioned by Amazon with respect to redemption of Voucher shall apply. 

Amazon Gift Voucher Terms and conditions can be reviewed here. 

Shipping: INR 15

Listing : Oct23-02-05