Cancellation & Refund

  1. Can I cancel My account?

Yes, allows users to delete their account permanently. This however is not a feature provided to the users directly because of the internal issues, however users have the right to request for the permanent deletion of the account by sending communication to us electronically. The permanent deletion will suspend all access of users as a registered user with the login credentials, however user can further create login credentials by re-registering themselves on the website. In such case all data pertaining to user (Deleted account) shall become the property of and will not be deleted. However the same data will no longer be used for other purposes. 

  1. Can I cancel the order I won?

Yes, you can cancel the order you have won in the auction, however you will have to ensure that the product is not already shipped. If shipped, we will not be able to cancel the order. If you wish to cancel the order, you should not accept the courier and return the order. We will be able to cancel the order one the returned item reaches our / Our partners/Sellers warehouse/location. The cancellation can only be honoured when the returned product reaches to us in exact manner with no harm to it either physically or notionally. This cancellation would however does not include the shipping cost as this shall be charged by our logistics partner.

  1. Can I return the order?

Yes, you can return the order subject to your compliance to terms of use of our website and the products and services available on our website. In most of the cases, we do entertain the return and full refund, however as per our experience, our customers are very satisfied with the purchases made through our website either through direct buy option or even if they participate and won through lowest and unique biding option. Our product comes with 100% return guarantee for most of our items for as long as they are not perishable goods or personal hygiene products. We hope you understand that such products cannot be exchanged or returned in the personal interest of each of our respectable customers.

  1. Can I exchange the order?

Yes, you can for as long as you comply to terms of user of this website. In most of the cases we do honour exchange of the products if it is in original conditions with all original supplied packaging materials.

  1. Can I exchange product with its equal price?

The law does not agree to this and hence as a law abiding company, we may not be able to entertain any such requests from any of our customers. However in case of returns, we may refund the amount provided you comply with terms of use of this website.

  1. What if the product reached to you is in fact a defective/damaged one?

In case the product delivered to you is defective (Manufacturing defect) or damaged, we shall entertain your request for refund / exchange provided you comply to the term of use of this website.

  1. Can I take refund in cash?

According to the law, we can provide the refund only in the form in which we have received the amount of the product either purchased or won in Auction. At no point of time, shall entertain any request from any customer for not accepting the item won/purchased and instead seeking cash/equating amount quoted in Auction or entered in direct buy of the product. No Cash return or refund whatsoever. This is important as per law and as per companies policy.

  1. How to raise the request for refund / return of the items?

We have the provisioning of registering your request for refund / return by contact us form available on our website. You can also call us. The language of communication available to us is either Hindi or English. We may soon provide more option of support in other languages. All such request needs to come via our online interface and you need to mentioned all necessary contact details in order our customer support to reach out to you and help resolve the queries. Customer satisfaction is our top most priority and nothing less than 100% satisfaction is what we thrive for. Please be patient if case of any such query, we will get it resolved at any cost. We are willing to walk an extra mile to help resolve all your queries from our genuine customers. We just want to ensure that you comply to terms of use policy of our website. All policies are drafted to ensure protection of our business from the malicious customers, however if our customers have genuine queries, we will walk an extra mile to resolve it.

  1. In how much time will you be receiving your refund amount?

As soon as our internal team completes the audit of the refund/return request which is most cases starts from the time we receive the request. We usually complete all formalities is a week's time, however it may go over and less than a week in processing your requests. Historically, on an average it is completed in a day or two.

  1. Any freebee that I have received along with the product, do I need to return that as well?

Ideally yes, you need to return the complete package in order to enable us to process any cancellation / refund / return requests. Partial refund / return / cancellation is not permitted.