How it Works

Eodbox is the Lowest Unique BID platform, where you can quote prices up to two decimal places. To win the "Lowest Unique Bid" auction you need to have a valid bid placed on the auction item till the end of the auction with the "Lowest Unique bid". 

HOW IT WORKS (Watch Video Tutorial

  1. The most important step for participation is user registration. Only registered users can participate in the bid. For registration click on the login option and user either the social media options to automatically create account with eodbox. You can use Facebook or Google accounts to directly create account and login. This saves you from the hassle of creating account based on Mobile number, email and then remembering the password.
  2. Though if you still wish to create account, you can do so by visiting Sign Up option.  
  3. Post Social login, you will be taken to your accounts page and then you need to scroll down to enter your Mobile number, Verify it with OTP which will be send on the mobile number used by you for registration.
  4. After successful registration of Mobile number, you will be asked to confirm you other details. All fields with (*) are mandatory fields which you needs to enter.
  5. Once you have saved your profile information, you can visit Home page to select the listing of your choice and place you Bids.


The working of this auction is explained below with the help of following case scenarios.

For example, Samsung Mobile M32 is listed as one of the auction items.

  1. Suppose USER 1 has placed THREE individual bids (using Single Bid option) bids of Rs. 0.01, Rs. 0.02 & Rs. 0.03 respectively. In this case USER 1 has the lowest unique bid of Rs. 0.01, however just to maximize its chance, user has placed two additional bids by reserving two more price points.
  2. Another user comes in USER 2 and has decided to place TEN bids (user Multiple Bids options and entering the range of numbers) from Rs. 0.01 to Rs. 0.10 means they have placed TEN bids which are as Rs. 0.01, Rs. 0.02, Rs. 0.03, Rs. 0.04, Rs. 0.05, Rs. 0.06, Rs. 0.07, Rs. 0.08, Rs. 0.09 and Rs. 0.10. Now the status of USER 1 will change as the lowest value quoted by him which is Rs. 0.01 is no longer unique, because USER 2 has also quoted the same value and becomes invalid. Similarly Rs. 0.02 and Rs. 0.03 also becomes invalid for both users as these values are no more unique. Now the lowest and unique bid becomes Rs. 0.04 quoted by USER 2.
  3. Since the USER 1 has been out bided, he can further use his intelligence to decide more values to quote (either individually or in series using Single or Multiple bids options)
  4. Suppose another user, USER 3 has just walked in and he quotes following FIVE bids Rs. 0.04, Rs. 0.06, Rs. 0.08, Rs. 0.10 & Rs. 5.12 respectively. In the Bids quoted by USER 3 that is Rs. 0.04, Rs. 0.06, Rs. 0.08 & Rs. 0.10 becomes invalid as these values were already quoted by USER 2 and hence all these values becomes INVALID as they are no more UNIQUE. The new winning Bid which is Lowest and also unique becomes Rs. 0.05 quoted by USER 2 and USER 2 again gets the LOWEST UNIQUE Bid status. However the same status needs to continue till the end of the game.
  5. All users needs to ensure that their the Bids placed by them do not get out bided and stays valid and lowest. Even if the status of the Bids quoted by them are not Lowest but remains valid, the chances of them winning stays high.
  6. Each user needs to regularly monitor the status of their BIDS for Lowest and Unique value which is visible in the MY BIDS HISTORY section of individual Action items Right after the Product description options of the Listed Items.

Remember : One can place the Bid by quoting the price upto Two decimal places. For e.g. Rs. 0.01 or Rs. 10.21.

In the unlikely event that there is no single unique bid then the person who placed the "FIRST LOWEST BID" which has TWO or more bids, will win the auction. There will ALWAYS be a winner!!

Each new registration is given fifty bids free. You can place unlimited bids by buying bulk bid packages online. Bids are non refundable.

Another example: Mega Auction for a Car 

2 Bids @ 1.05/-  (Not Unique)

3 Bids@ 1.06/- (Not Unique)

1 Bid @ 1.07/- (Unique Lowest)

1 Bid @ 1.08/- (Unique But High)