Safe & Secure has taken all possible means for ensure your transction is safe, secure and transparent in nature. In order to ensure full security and safety of the service including the financial transactions, uses the industry leading payment gateway service with PCI DSS certified gateway providers or as mandated by RBI. 


These industry leading gateway service providers fully comply with PCI DSS guidelines. We do not do any financial transactions on our platform, instead is done at our partners portal with is end to end encrypted and secure. We do not have access to your card details, UPI details or any other banking details and do not intend to either store or save this information of any of our users. 


The Payment Gateway services however gives the option to users to store their card information or preferred mode of payment and other similar options, which is not in our control. In such case, it is the wish of user to either store such information or to simply skip and proceed to do transactions without storing the data. Such features can only be provided by RBI approved Payment Gateways and all industry leading Gateway service providers strictly abide by the terms and conditions issued by RBI from time to time. In case your money is deducted from your card, bank accounts however it is not reflected in your accounts section in, it is likely that payment gateway transactions failed between Payment gateway and your banking institutions. We recommend in such case you should contact your bank. In case no resolution, you can contact us and we shall be able to take up the case with our Payment Gateway service provider. 


However if you still have any doubts related to safety and security of our system, you can contact us through Contact us Form and our executive shall call and help resolve your issues. We can take up the case with our Payment gateway Service providers in case of faailed transactions.